Weekend Warm-Up! 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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    4 天 前

    When you realize that that Karun almost had all his predictions correct.

  2. SASraceCAM
    5 天 前

    if the fia wanted more women in f1 then bring back the grid girls who are these 2 ? do they have any f1 experience or is it just box ticking to give them a job ?

  3. Killer D
    Killer D
    6 天 前

    0:41 Single-handedly devastated the whole grid

  4. Nastyyy
    6 天 前

    "first week" then proceeds to name the race winner.

  5. JohnDaWhale3
    7 天 前

    These presenters are so much better than Buxton.

  6. Chris Barry
    Chris Barry
    7 天 前

    Best warm up I've seen! Laura will loosen up, and Melissa's energy will help! ) lads better up ye'r game! ) it was only a matter of time ) ps bring on the haters 😉😊

  7. shkspeerx
    7 天 前

    Laura bringing up DR's lack of performance is spot on! He can't rely on the past and needs to level up if he ever wants consistent podiums, much less a consistent winner.

  8. Chris Barry
    Chris Barry
    7 天 前

    Best f1 commentary I've since Murray, the women showing the men up 👍👏

    1. Chris Barry
      Chris Barry
      7 天 前

      K so she is polished but does a great job of seeming ingaged, I'd say she actually is like! ) its a bad state of affairs that I'm even havin this debate, with myself ) on many levels tho 🤣👍✌😆

    2. Chris Barry
      Chris Barry
      7 天 前

      Genuinely 😬😅 I'm a fan already tho 🤣👍

    3. Chris Barry
      Chris Barry
      7 天 前

      Melissa is gorgeous also ) but generally nice to see a fan in this position rather than the usual polished performing type 👍👌😅👍

  9. Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker
    7 天 前

    Microphones need a "Muffled Mask' Feature now

  10. Hardev Lad
    Hardev Lad
    7 天 前

    Love the new hosts!

  11. alex ventsresch
    alex ventsresch
    7 天 前


    7 天 前

    Jeez here we go again . These two girls are terrible

  13. Tom Tom
    Tom Tom
    7 天 前

    Get well soon Will!!! We all miss u alot!!! 👍❤️👏

  14. I Just Fell Down
    I Just Fell Down
    7 天 前

    Those wheel guns in silence sound scarier than the cars during race.

  15. Davina Janes
    Davina Janes
    7 天 前

    I am a female and my pronouns are she/her. Drop the chicks. I get it, but it just looks desperate. Change for change's sake. It's a male sport, with male competitors. What's wrong with men who know their sport presenting it? I bet the two new girls are from wealthy connected families. I see there is no diversity in spreading around the nice jobs to the lower classes. No diversity of wealth, just diversity of identity. Enough with the rich kids and their fake diversity quotas. Bring back some quality.

  16. Pinhas Lavon
    Pinhas Lavon
    7 天 前

    Take the masks off.

  17. hdfisdkfhlsdl
    7 天 前

    Formula One is the pinnacle of motor sport racing. I want to see the pinnacle of TV presenters bringing a show like this, not just two random girls saying random things.

  18. Shane 5
    Shane 5
    7 天 前

    What happened to David Alorka actually?

  19. hdfisdkfhlsdl
    7 天 前

    I prefer Will. Big time. Nice effort by the girls, but .. no. Hope Will gets better soon.

  20. ThisiscoolGAMES
    7 天 前

    Appreciate the diversity F1 👍🏾 it's nice to see a different face

  21. Boiler Kim
    Boiler Kim
    7 天 前

    Get well soon Will. We miss you!!!

  22. Rikus Henning
    Rikus Henning
    7 天 前

    Cant wait to watch the next race in 40 minutes

  23. Mehul Kansal
    Mehul Kansal
    7 天 前

    Bring back will!! Bring back will!! Bring back will!! Bring back will!!

  24. Illogical Formula 1 fan
    Illogical Formula 1 fan
    7 天 前

    I really wanna see Lawrence's shoe collection

  25. João Morgado
    João Morgado
    7 天 前

    Vettel's hat is bootleg

  26. Viyom Varma
    Viyom Varma
    7 天 前

    CNauto is getting too comfortable with unskippable 15secs ads

  27. Rock Sin Anestesia
    Rock Sin Anestesia
    7 天 前

    I googled Mellisa F1 and nothing came up - How does she knows and have an opinion on this year Championship ?? Nice

  28. Relaxation Sutra
    Relaxation Sutra
    7 天 前

    she looks like Sophia Leone

  29. murphyebass
    7 天 前

    Both women were woeful to listen to. We get it your hair has been put put out of shape because of the wind. Get on with it ffs. Bring back the lads, lose the chicks please.

  30. pradeep kumar
    pradeep kumar
    7 天 前

    Is this a diversity initiative?

  31. Moose Moose
    Moose Moose
    7 天 前

    It amazes me, how with today’s technology they can’t invent a face mask that doesn’t keep slipping down peoples faces.

  32. TONY
    7 天 前

    I think Laurence Barreto needs to improve his wardrobe. The shoes is quite something though!

  33. oliver ireland
    oliver ireland
    7 天 前

    Yeah lady you definitely rub people up the wrong way.Why would you reference that girls height,she has such a big,lovely personality and is soo sweet right of the bat but u almost destroyed her.I am happy she reacted the way she did it shows true grit and confidence .Focus on people’s contribution not on what you think should be referenced, or be more aware of what you say.

  34. Adriano Destefanis
    Adriano Destefanis
    7 天 前

    Che schifo di spiker

  35. Adriano Destefanis
    Adriano Destefanis
    7 天 前

    Orribili spiker

  36. Sandeep S Nair
    Sandeep S Nair
    8 天 前

    We miss bold predictions of Will Buxton😋

  37. Mark Donalds
    Mark Donalds
    8 天 前

    The identity of the highlights’ chipmunk is no longer a mystery..

  38. Luke Di Berardino
    Luke Di Berardino
    8 天 前

    5:22 the gulf logos on the arm free advertising lol

  39. flagg1129b
    8 天 前

    Come on.. its time to take the mask off when you standing by your self. We can't even understand a word you are saying... MUMBLER!

  40. Richard Lewis
    Richard Lewis
    8 天 前

    I'd like to see a HAM BOT VER

  41. Cynical Miscreant
    Cynical Miscreant
    8 天 前

    Why are you wearing mask outside?

  42. Maarten Van Leeuwen
    Maarten Van Leeuwen
    8 天 前

    If you had to chose, who would you ***

  43. Ledio Gjergjani
    Ledio Gjergjani
    8 天 前

    Soo much better that Will.

  44. Ari Yadav
    Ari Yadav
    8 天 前

    Tell the shawty to look at the camera. gaWd basics

  45. Waseem Umar
    Waseem Umar
    8 天 前

    Is the short girl looking for a husband she's wow

  46. pbfamous07
    8 天 前

    like the new girl. fresh take on things.

  47. Lava K
    Lava K
    8 天 前

    18:35 wow !! that was closest to the barrier I watched ! how can you tell if it is Kimi or Gio ?

  48. Video Account
    Video Account
    8 天 前

    She's a QT

  49. HereWeGoAgain
    8 天 前

    What’s her IG

  50. D S
    D S
    8 天 前

    Why do I get the vibe the new liberty media team are diversity hire media and communications college grads that have never followed the sport? Not interested in your scripted opinions kids.

  51. Isak Levy
    Isak Levy
    8 天 前

    Rather watch paint dry than listening to these 3

  52. Harry Meyer
    Harry Meyer
    8 天 前

    It's just not the same without Will.

  53. 40rty
    8 天 前

    Take care Will, hope to see you back at it again after these two races. This whole episode was weird without you and weirder with these two new ladies that I'm sure tried their hardest but could not jive with.

  54. Andre F. S.
    Andre F. S.
    8 天 前

    Ah yes.. more tokens of diversity. People with no history in the sport, no credibility whatsoever. Just to appeal to ideology. Meh.

  55. nvt nvt
    nvt nvt
    8 天 前

    Lewis / fake glasses / to hide the tear

  56. M TD
    M TD
    8 天 前

    Formula Woke. Now we just need to make sure everyone gets 1st place!!! Weraceasone

  57. Richard Patton
    Richard Patton
    8 天 前

    They look a LOT better than Will! “Oh no the sexism!”

  58. fury fury
    fury fury
    8 天 前

    Could these presenters get anymore boring 😴😪

  59. M TD
    M TD
    8 天 前

    If drivers don't want to be short then surely they just have to identify as a tall person. Cause weraceasone 🤡🌍

  60. M TD
    M TD
    8 天 前

    It's funny how 'woke' F1 has become, yet it is the sport of absolute individual excellence and competence. Eventually the ideas that f1 is supporting will make regulators who remove points and the podium because it will offend the losers.

  61. Sergio Chocler
    Sergio Chocler
    8 天 前

    These two girls started the F1 program talking about their shoes.

    1. Metrofilmer88
      8 天 前

      I mean that’s how Will and Lawrence usually start weekend warmup

  62. Nash
    8 天 前

    Melissa is a cutie.... :)

  63. Muhammad Irfan
    Muhammad Irfan
    8 天 前

    12:05 DNS 🤔

  64. Conor Kelly
    Conor Kelly
    8 天 前

    2 Races - Bring back Will Buxton next race.

  65. O Mondegreen
    O Mondegreen
    8 天 前

    loved this

  66. Manne Di
    Manne Di
    8 天 前

    Frustrated Lawrence has some added competition with the boys in the Paddock lol

  67. Eskander X
    Eskander X
    8 天 前

    Melissa 😍

  68. Jack Bauer
    Jack Bauer
    8 天 前

    Who are these women, bring back people who know something about F1.

  69. jim smith
    jim smith
    8 天 前

    Sky F1 should take great pride in their diverse presenter line up. When can we expect to see a member of the trans community embracing this global platform?

  70. hbpeter
    8 天 前

    we like laura winter!!

    8 天 前

    *super grand prix amazing*

  72. E
    8 天 前

    It's been a long 4 weeks since our last race

  73. theluggage
    8 天 前

    Well done Laura & Melissa, I loved it!

  74. mark taylor
    mark taylor
    8 天 前

    Laura Winter ftw. Lovely, truly.

  75. ZestyLemon
    8 天 前

    Tell Buxton to extend his vacation for a few more races

  76. X X
    X X
    8 天 前

    Love the new additions to the team! Refreshing seeing some new faces!

  77. J Teek
    J Teek
    8 天 前

    Really enjoyable to watch! Thanks

  78. prince peter
    prince peter
    8 天 前

    Laura are you free next Saturday ?? We could get a coffee 😁😁

  79. Free Man
    Free Man
    8 天 前

    what a s* feet ....

  80. Dipak Abraham
    Dipak Abraham
    8 天 前

    Love how diverse the F1 media team is ! Keep it up ❤️

  81. Juan Canales
    Juan Canales
    8 天 前

    LeClerc 6 accidents in one year, Perez none

  82. Ryan Martinez
    Ryan Martinez
    8 天 前

    Great first show by Melissa. Hope to see more new faces incorporated with the usual cast

  83. Farid Gasimov 🇦🇿
    Farid Gasimov 🇦🇿
    8 天 前

    Hi from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 🏎️

  84. filipe beat
    filipe beat
    8 天 前

    barretto likes laura winter, me too

  85. Bruno Seixas
    Bruno Seixas
    8 天 前

    Where is Will Buxton??????

  86. Charlie TM
    Charlie TM
    8 天 前

    I’m in love with her

  87. Bhanu Tadepalli
    Bhanu Tadepalli
    8 天 前

    Is Lawrence of Indian origin?

  88. praveen titus
    praveen titus
    8 天 前

    It shows how things have progressed across the decades in F1. When I started watching back in F1, it was really hard to find women discussing F1 in-depth, unlike other sports.

    1. mr big
      mr big
      8 天 前

      Well they didn't feel the need to force it like they do now haha but I'm not complaining

  89. Ahmed Naveel
    Ahmed Naveel
    8 天 前

    Max this season is reminding me of Nico Rosberg 2016

  90. Tbelly Brewster
    Tbelly Brewster
    8 天 前

    Why are women invading mens spaces, who is behind this ? Look at the soy boy presenter The GMO'S and the fluoride are really starting to take effect now.

  91. Arch TechGamer
    Arch TechGamer
    8 天 前

    No Will Buxton. Yuckenheim.

  92. Voaridase
    8 天 前

    Melissa, Laura and Lawrence: you guys did an excellent job with this. You can't tell it's not usually the three of you doing this. Awesome to see the channel give opportunities to all of you.

  93. Juan Antonio Monzón
    Juan Antonio Monzón
    8 天 前

    Great to see finally REAL diversity in the Cast of Weekend Warm up! These girls with great commentaries and insight (without fake hypes... like the bearded guy before) added to Lawrence and Will, are a great team. THANKS F1 TV

  94. 22chachalaca
    8 天 前

    Enough with the masks, it's so difficult to understand you guys talking.

  95. David Caddock
    David Caddock
    8 天 前

    Laura forgot to introduce Lawrence's shoes.

  96. Michael Nanni
    Michael Nanni
    8 天 前

    Where is Will Buxton

    1. Kazi Samir
      Kazi Samir
      8 天 前

      Probably got a 2 week vacation.

  97. Tenacious _E
    Tenacious _E
    8 天 前

    “I’m wearing heels” . Laurence Barreto...” hold my beer”

  98. jjj
    8 天 前

    They are literally the female equivalents of the will Buxton and Lawrence Barretto just to make it seem more ‘diverse’😂 too obvious

  99. Kazi Samir
    Kazi Samir
    8 天 前

    I feel bad for the cameraman. He has to fit 2 completely different size ppl

  100. Jordy Damario
    Jordy Damario
    8 天 前

    F1 + Laura's voice issa NICHE