Verstappen Crashes Out of Lead After Left Rear Failure | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Heartbreak for Max Verstappen as the Dutchman dramatically crashes just five laps shy of the chequered flag due to a left rear failure.

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  1. Mixcoalt Dj
    Mixcoalt Dj
    9 小时 前

    Max "Mongol" Verstappen

  2. STLND_Thomas_
    天 前

    Now they call him 737 Max

  3. Nikt Ważny
    Nikt Ważny
    天 前

    Why there was no rear onboard shown? I wanna see how it happened

    2 天 前

    Either way. Max is the fastest

  5. Patrick Koiner
    Patrick Koiner
    2 天 前

    I know this might be irrelevant but I’m surprised Crofty use the mph in speed when Verstappen wrecked

  6. K Winchester
    K Winchester
    2 天 前


  7. S0N of G0D
    S0N of G0D
    2 天 前

    00:44 Toto-Slam!

  8. fever dream
    fever dream
    2 天 前

    Is it just me or Pirelli just keep on wrecking the competition in every race? 🤔

  9. Johnny Freak
    Johnny Freak
    3 天 前

    Everybody keeps talking about crybaby max and lewis, THE BIGGEST CRYBABY CHEAP DRIVERS OF F1 HISTORY!!! Red bull should be boycotted, and never to be spoken of again. The heir of red bull KILLED an innocent man in his ferrari and then took off leaving a plate. What do you say about that Horner? Boycott redbull

  10. Cascaden TV
    Cascaden TV
    3 天 前

    Moral of the story: Don't buy Pirelli Tyres.

  11. Elon Musk
    Elon Musk
    3 天 前

    Imagine him hitting the other side of the wall, maybe the championship would really have been over then....

  12. AAX 1980
    AAX 1980
    3 天 前

    You need to STOP SHOUTING!!!

  13. Saki Galaxidis
    Saki Galaxidis
    3 天 前

    It looks like he still could have kept driving, as the crash only appeared to take his front wing. I didn’t see any suspension damage. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  14. szewei1985
    3 天 前

    Haha deng

  15. RodHammett95
    3 天 前

    "Max's tyre, it's James"

  16. Emir Sudarso
    Emir Sudarso
    4 天 前

    Argh😬,that incident is very heartbreaking,just like Valtteri Botass in 2018,and looks like this is Max's second heartbreaking incident since in Imola GP last year,don't feel down and stay strong max.

  17. Revtiva
    4 天 前

    I'm kinda worried next year they will added chicane before starting grid to prevent these accident. As you can see at 0:01, there is enough space to do so.

  18. Gino Hawkins
    Gino Hawkins
    4 天 前

    As the sign changes to Pirelli.

  19. Otto -
    Otto -
    4 天 前

    I think the tyres where just fine but he made a mistake in steering

  20. Dennis Hettling
    Dennis Hettling
    4 天 前

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  21. Dennis Hettling
    Dennis Hettling
    4 天 前

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  22. Dennis Hettling
    Dennis Hettling
    4 天 前

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  23. Dennis Hettling
    Dennis Hettling
    4 天 前

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  24. Dennis Hettling
    Dennis Hettling
    4 天 前

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  25. Dennis Hettling
    Dennis Hettling
    4 天 前

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  26. Dennis Hettling
    Dennis Hettling
    4 天 前

    Zitat aus den ersten Teil

  27. Dennis Hettling
    Dennis Hettling
    4 天 前

    57660099989887877u7 7 ist das

  28. Androtype
    4 天 前

    Girls: I can't believe men don't cry. Do they even have emotions? Men:

  29. T. H
    T. H
    4 天 前

    Michael Masi is incompetent, so quit early

  30. Evening 518 Vaibhav Vinod
    Evening 518 Vaibhav Vinod
    4 天 前

    If only we had the Perez cockpit Camera view of it.💯

  31. Fülöp Ferenc
    Fülöp Ferenc
    4 天 前

    20 seconds to wave any yellow flag, and 90 seconds until safety car... what a shame! That's really sad and dangerous cars over 300kmph trough the accident zone... please use the flags, and the safety car immediatley if necessary! Safety first!

  32. first_name LAST_NAME
    first_name LAST_NAME
    5 天 前

    Funny that the pirelli ad popped up in the frame after the tire failure

  33. Mark Dowse
    Mark Dowse
    5 天 前

    Clearly apart from the walls, the drivers have to keep an eye on their TYRES too ! 👀🥴

  34. Abcd Abc
    Abcd Abc
    5 天 前

    "Verstappen crashes out of lead after left rear tyre failure"

  35. 86niisan8686
    5 天 前

    pirelli..... come on.... multimillion dollar vehicles in billion dollar races get damaged because of problems with your tire design.

  36. Der_Netherer
    5 天 前

    Respect to pirelli: nearly killed two drivers goob job

  37. Miska s
    Miska s
    5 天 前

    Verstappen crashed Verstappen ***** tyre **** Hamilton yes boys!

  38. Safraz Ahamed
    Safraz Ahamed
    5 天 前

    Verstappen is at fault... He really did over drive the car.. if u noticed he just put fastest lap over fastest lap for 4 consecutive times.. which is not necessary when he really had perez as a block for Hamilton

  39. Vincent Ras
    Vincent Ras
    5 天 前

    Why is there no rearview camera filming this? There are cameras all over the car.

  40. Farhad
    5 天 前

    Life is boomerang ,Hamilton also out

  41. Marc Tardif
    Marc Tardif
    5 天 前

    Is his 20,000$ state of the art steering wheel available on Ebay yet? He forgot it on the tarmac []-_-[]

  42. RunsWithBears
    5 天 前

    Pirelli needs to be ousted. They haven't been able to supply reliable tyres for years, and that they have the nerve to come with these weak excuses even though there's drivers suffering tyre failures at +300 km/h is a clear sign they're not taking it as seriously as they should.

  43. todd goslin
    todd goslin
    5 天 前

    Guessing I won't be buying Perellis anytime soon.

  44. Manthan Kothari
    Manthan Kothari
    5 天 前

    You can hear either a puncture or the tire hitting debris maybe at 00:34 seconds

  45. C.G.C
    5 天 前

    Pirelli doesn't drink Heineken

  46. Arif Anuar
    Arif Anuar
    5 天 前

    has everyone forgotten that the Sky commentators *actually checked* with Pirelli after Stroll's accident and Pirelli said theres nothing to worry about. but then IT STILL FAILED on Verstappen. Pirelli cant continue this monopoly man, seriously, bunch of incompetent liars.

  47. Elon Musk
    Elon Musk
    5 天 前

    Hamilton is the luckiest person to ever walked on the face of the earth. At least he bottled it

  48. uno reverse card
    uno reverse card
    5 天 前

    two crashes in that race same tire that failed we need to go back to the bridgestone tires man

  49. JackCS
    5 天 前

    Pirelli should have to pay for Max's and Lance's damage I'd say

  50. Shakib
    5 天 前

    Alonso: Karma!

  51. md5matt
    5 天 前

    imagine waving one single yellow flag after witnessing that accident...

  52. Marko Gelic
    Marko Gelic
    5 天 前

    Delusion of Max

  53. Neo
    5 天 前

    There used to be a time when reading comments was interesting but now everyone is chasing "likes" by trying to be funning while repeating the same "not so funny" jokes.

    1. George
      5 天 前

      "Max is tryung out an f1 2021 open lobby"

  54. martin arthur
    martin arthur
    5 天 前

    So whats the penalty for Tyre manufactures, its not fair when teams work day and night and tyre manufactures away without any responsibilities attached to them, something has to be done, not just an investigation but also clear penalties have to be put in place. Sorry for Lance and Max, Hard luck lads

  55. James Brickles
    James Brickles
    5 天 前

    Listening to Max's onboard, there's a bit of a thud before the sudden deflation and spin, which indicates that the tyre ran over something very sharp and impossible to see. Very unlucky for Max.

  56. Vin3do
    5 天 前

    *Barrier piece gets fok smashed by max* Toto's table: first time?

  57. Adam Stevens
    Adam Stevens
    5 天 前

    Love watching this, any of the 7 crashing out is beautiful.

  58. Lea
    5 天 前

    Still heartbroken by this man......Max was perfect on Sunday, not a foot wrong he owned them streets then a tire blowout....not his fault the blame lays with the tire! But still leading both championships so it could have been worse but Max Checo and the Redbull team are going to come back fighting next race

  59. Remon M
    Remon M
    5 天 前

    0:36 hitmarker sound?

  60. mcs87
    5 天 前

    With the flexy wing saga we get 100 onboards, and when tyre explodes we don't get to see not one rear facing camera shot. It's not conspiracy theory but if those exist why can't we see them.

  61. Christian Wanget
    Christian Wanget
    5 天 前

    Verstappen: crashed Hamilton: "is he okay?" Hamilton: made mistake Verstappen: "i'm okay dude 😄"

  62. Ironicalballs
    5 天 前

    300kph crashes due to exploding tires. Flex carbon fiber wings? FIA need to halt racing until tires are safe

  63. Carlos The Villan
    Carlos The Villan
    5 天 前

    Can't understand why they waiting so long to put the safety car out

  64. D M
    D M
    5 天 前

    It’s quite worrying that if Perez or Hamilton was in the slip stream and pulled to the right and max pulled to the left to defend and then is tyre failed, this could have been a very different situation!! Amount of overtakes on that strate in the race!! Surprising nobody was hurt. Any closer the drivers behind it’s a tragedy

  65. Progamers Gamers
    Progamers Gamers
    5 天 前

    00:00 "ouuuuu"

  66. Dan Spy
    Dan Spy
    5 天 前

    So happy!!! Happy to see him healthy after crush….and happy that he lost😂

  67. James Rayner
    James Rayner
    5 天 前

    Why was that marshal by the 200 sign at 0:11 waving a green flag? Was it because it was only yellow on that small section of track or did he wave the wrong flag?

  68. Yoo Que
    Yoo Que
    5 天 前

    Race was insane. Couldn’t believe Max’s title hopes wiped in a blink of an eye. Note to self: avoid Perelli tires

  69. 09Mrsubaru
    5 天 前

    This is exactly why people said Hamilton was lucky last yr with his tyre failure. It was a slow failure and he wasn’t going full speed.

  70. Tomas
    5 天 前

    Thanks for showing everything except the tyre failing. You guys are utterly useless.

  71. UV
    5 天 前

    He was ok, no change in championship points, so it's a decent outcome. I was very angry when it happened live. Such bs.

  72. Cartoon Head
    Cartoon Head
    5 天 前

    Thats what happens when you run illegal tyre pressures, Horner should be more careful around open mics.

  73. Ninja Teddy
    Ninja Teddy
    5 天 前

    It was weird, first full race I've watched in a while and I said Lewis needs Verstappen to have a puncture in order to be able to close the gap to Perez as Checo did amazing yesterday, 30 seconds later this happened. I'm just glad Max was okay.

  74. niko
    5 天 前

    E si godeeee

  75. Mary Nicholson
    Mary Nicholson
    5 天 前

    Poor Max... I'd be cussing too.

  76. zwosan
    5 天 前

    Unlucky Verstappen.

  77. SweetCreature
    5 天 前

    P A I N

  78. A Luviano
    A Luviano
    5 天 前

    cameraman: "I am flash"

  79. Luigi 06
    Luigi 06
    5 天 前


  80. Patrick Förster
    Patrick Förster
    5 天 前

    Max attack, what he does best, well done once again. 7th season and worse than a rookie, I keep repeating myself here. It's a deep drop from the high horse . . . keeping a low profile would be better sometimes, but who am I to give advice.

  81. Random Biker
    Random Biker
    5 天 前


  82. Laurie Dooker
    Laurie Dooker
    5 天 前

    The one you miss out on is the one you never get.

  83. acemedia.v
    5 天 前

    this doesnt bother me as much as it should because of 2 reasons: 1. lewis didn't score any points 2. checo won :)

  84. Wong Wai leong
    Wong Wai leong
    5 天 前

    Red Bull Max Verstappen was sad but angry

  85. ranjan maithani
    ranjan maithani
    5 天 前

    Because of pirellli there is some suspense till the end of the race and its not boring. Otherwise everyone knew max was winning but pirreli made it entertaining.

  86. Jim Wexler
    Jim Wexler
    5 天 前

    And where is the video of hamiltons break lock up wamst that part of the race as well dear f1 channel

  87. Aryan Yadav
    Aryan Yadav
    5 天 前

    The commentator jinxed him 😒😑

  88. DharK-NataL
    5 天 前

    He better rack up to first place against lewis on the next race. Either way, if he's the new WC. Its the new world, but if Lewis, better luck next year

  89. Bukhari Jabar Azman
    Bukhari Jabar Azman
    5 天 前

    Anyone noticed that he crashed out when his tyres were 33 laps of age?

  90. Marcel Bosma
    Marcel Bosma
    5 天 前

    🧡 2 Times cut off from setting laps in Q3 in Monaco and Baku and now tyre failure, leaves a bit of a sour taste, but at least still the lead in de WC

  91. SweetCreature
    5 天 前

    Absolutely gutted

  92. 虎ちゃん
    5 天 前

    pirelli should pay for the repair costs...

  93. Rudolph D'Souza
    Rudolph D'Souza
    5 天 前

    F1 2021 has become "Game of Tyres" even fastest engines are failing due tyre failures.

  94. senna ayrton
    senna ayrton
    5 天 前

    Tragedy of the world.

  95. Elemental Sheep
    Elemental Sheep
    5 天 前

    Still hoping for a redbull 1-2 this season.

  96. Nikhil Vinod
    Nikhil Vinod
    5 天 前

    So satisfying to see this

  97. The Fourth Chairman
    The Fourth Chairman
    6 天 前

    "We need this Azerbaijan GP to be less snoozing-fest than before" Pirelli: "Understood"

  98. Tramaine318
    6 天 前

    Events like this can cost you a championship! I hope it does for Max!!!

    1. SweetCreature
      5 天 前


  99. lee coates
    lee coates
    6 天 前

    love it when xpoilled brats get punished