Super Seb, Heartbroken Hamilton And The Best Team Radio | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Wow, what an action-packed race that was in Baku - we hope you've caught your breath back! The airwaves were just as entertaining too!

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  1. Ameya Godbole
    Ameya Godbole
    小时 前

    It feels happy seeing Sebastian smiling and laughing 🙌🏻✌🏻

  2. お拖把茶
    3 小时 前

    Who gave you my number 😂😂😂

  3. Tirth Patel
    Tirth Patel
    4 小时 前

    YES yes yes yes - He he he hey hey

  4. HatseFlatz
    11 小时 前

    the clip with mazepin and the button was in monaco not azerbaijan

  5. Giuseppe Pagliaro
    Giuseppe Pagliaro
    13 小时 前

    Tyre company sweating ran

  6. Aaron Gibson
    Aaron Gibson
    16 小时 前

    When you need to say Well done mazepin for pressing the button that every other driver does as normal, there’s an issue there 😂

  7. Zainal Abidin Basari
    Zainal Abidin Basari
    19 小时 前

    Lewis always boring .. wether winning or loosing

  8. Necro Ninja Nate
    Necro Ninja Nate
    20 小时 前

    What does “driver default 87 mean”?

  9. Efe Ertem
    Efe Ertem
    22 小时 前

    Seb just wanted to say grazie there

  10. Stefan Sekulic
    Stefan Sekulic
    22 小时 前

    Yuki is the new Raikkonen😅

  11. Parth Suneja
    Parth Suneja
    天 前

    5:02 when you clear the assignment tests with one night of studying.

  12. Bluedr3amz
    天 前

    Then there’s yuki.... I AM SHUTUO

  13. Pitch Arunsuwannakorn
    Pitch Arunsuwannakorn
    天 前

    Seb getting his mojo back!

  14. TheDoomspireGamer
    天 前

    Anyone noticed at 4:00, the caption in the top right (or Lap ##), the lap is non capitalized, different from the other captions that is fully capitalized?

  15. zeljko spoljar
    zeljko spoljar
    天 前

    Fn rights we loving it F1 is finally interesting again eh? I'm sorry sir Lewis but it started being boring that you are constantly first!!! Kinda like in Schumi era I stoped watching and following it cause you knew who is gonna be first sooo you know booooooooring!!!!!!! Again sorry to both Schumi and Lewis. RESPECT!!!!

  16. The Queen's Half Corgi
    The Queen's Half Corgi
    天 前

    4:41 who gave you my number lol glad to hear Seb being a funny German again.

  17. GamePlayers XL
    GamePlayers XL
    天 前

    I miss the grazie ragazzi

  18. Victor Chen
    Victor Chen
    天 前

    Seeing those 3 on the podium makes me so happy

  19. J P
    J P
    天 前

    Love It!! Bye Bye Hamilton!!

  20. Alex 92
    Alex 92
    天 前

    What song is it in the background? Sounds pretty 70s. :D

  21. Kelvin Suen
    Kelvin Suen
    天 前

    Yuki's Engineer was like telling Yuki to push the pedal harder to go faster

  22. Bhargav Radhakrishna
    Bhargav Radhakrishna
    天 前

    Heartbroken Hamilton? What about Max?

  23. birkenau 69
    birkenau 69
    天 前

    Stop the car, cojoneeees!!!!!

  24. Scorpion Dark_
    Scorpion Dark_
    天 前

    i dont get why there isnt an audio for when you turn the magic on, mercedes should really add that

  25. Roedor
    天 前

    "Gotta be messured how aggressive we go" *slams on the breaks and ruins the race*

  26. Ash Duk
    Ash Duk
    天 前

    The berserk magic geometrically dream because case baly telephone regarding a soggy scarecrow. animated, cheap toilet

  27. Alex M
    Alex M
    天 前

    Seb was dying and now hes reborn Literally biblical

  28. Nico Meier
    Nico Meier
    天 前

    4:00 Lewis: "I'm sorry guys". Toto: "Don't sweat it Lewis, we'll somehow blame Bottas".

  29. Sander Bols
    Sander Bols
    天 前

    1:23 hocus pocus there is pizza on your focus

  30. Yuda Kdrt
    Yuda Kdrt
    天 前

    Top speed favorite

  31. Swift Racing
    Swift Racing
    天 前

    Hamilton will get 8 Championships but at least we got something from Vettel today ;D

  32. rAppN
    天 前

    Liberty please, stop trying to turn this in to a Formula USA with the radio interview with the driver of the day. Let them have the moment with their team, you don't see a reporter running on to the field when Kane scores a goal to ask how it felt. They will literally have an interview two minutes later and get congratulated on being driver of the day again.

  33. Martin Seel
    Martin Seel
    天 前

    the button is magic because it keeps the championship alive

  34. Otávio Rangel
    Otávio Rangel
    天 前


  35. TheBerlinbaer
    天 前

    I am so glad that Crashstappen crashed 🥰

  36. Rhapyy.
    天 前

    yuki,do you love me? I AM SHUT UPPP

  37. Jeremy Sebastian
    Jeremy Sebastian
    天 前

    Vettel sounds kinda different

  38. Eric miLlS
    Eric miLlS
    2 天 前

    I Recon Debre from strolls crash hit max tyre and then he crashed

  39. F4H RRRocket500
    F4H RRRocket500
    2 天 前

    Seb low key sounds rejuvenated at Aston Martin

  40. iyas koyok
    iyas koyok
    2 天 前

    4:30 supercar blonde

  41. Leon der Luftige
    Leon der Luftige
    2 天 前

    I wonder how much longer it'll take until they finally realise that's not how Vettel's name is pronounced.

  42. Matt Braaten
    Matt Braaten
    2 天 前

    3 guys on the podium deserve it.

  43. Diego González
    Diego González
    2 天 前

    4:49 The Joker 🃏😂

  44. Ryan Zhu
    Ryan Zhu
    2 天 前

    Latifi's Engineer: Stay out! Stay out! Stay out!! IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN flashbacks

  45. Kamille James
    Kamille James
    2 天 前

    So great to hear Seb happy again

  46. Boz Boz
    Boz Boz
    2 天 前

    Mazuspin is a symptom of everything wrong with to drive billionaire boys club...that idiot gonna get someone killed

  47. Jay137x
    2 天 前

    3:30 aggressive**

  48. Variamente
    2 天 前

    Vettle overtaking Gasly is literally like the ford vs ferrari scene where miles overtakes at daytona

  49. Its always around
    Its always around
    2 天 前

    I'm sorry about Lewis but the way he just flew off the screen, locking up after talking about the marathon was comedy skit worthy. I was dying 😂😂

  50. Robert
    2 天 前

    How do these guys get in. Are after they crash or am I just high

  51. Luke Mallory
    Luke Mallory
    2 天 前

    "This is for all the kids out there!"

  52. Maximilian Becker
    Maximilian Becker
    2 天 前

    I have tears of joy in my eyes, so happy dir seb

  53. T3-_T3_V1OL0_-Tz {A3RO}
    T3-_T3_V1OL0_-Tz {A3RO}
    2 天 前

    Lance Stroll is the absolute worst F1 driver EVER

  54. Eduardo Antonio Di Cavalcanti
    Eduardo Antonio Di Cavalcanti
    2 天 前

    A lot confusion in this race... a lovit.

  55. mohd jakim
    mohd jakim
    2 天 前

    How did she get his number?

  56. moizzkhan
    2 天 前

    You guys missed yuki screaming while talking to the engineers before lap 10

  57. MikeTheActorMan
    2 天 前

    Thought you'd have put the radio message in from Lewis after the race where he realises/asks if the brake "magic" was on, and he didn't realise. Instead you help with misleading people that he just out-braked himself and sent it, when actually it was the brake setting that messed it up.

  58. pro fahrer
    pro fahrer
    2 天 前

    Waiting for next Sebs podium🏆 and for next Lewis last place🙃

  59. Andrew Bedford
    Andrew Bedford
    2 天 前

    Tsunoda just needs to shut his gob and drive.

  60. Stewart Grindlay
    Stewart Grindlay
    2 天 前

    Hammy cracked under the pressure. 3 times this year and counting

  61. Calvin _ToT
    Calvin _ToT
    2 天 前

    Yuki 😂😎

  62. Tuppence a bucket
    Tuppence a bucket
    2 天 前

    Lewis Hamilton represents everything that is so bad for F1. A spoilt child who, while undoubtedly has some serious skills, is a disgusting human being. I’m British by the way.

  63. Chante' Poppie
    Chante' Poppie
    2 天 前

    I love turn 15 so much...

    2 天 前

    If crofty hadn't become F1 commentator, he'd now be a legend in the rap scene. He's spitting bars like "he's got the tow, he's got the fresher tyres, he's got the pace, Sebastian Vettel's got 4th place"

  65. Birisi
    2 天 前

    I wanna tell Yuki "You shut up!" when he says shut up.

  66. Birisi
    2 天 前

    It is nice of F1 to show Mazes🅱️in's misery.

  67. M W
    M W
    2 天 前

    This is why I hate street circuits.

  68. Arthur Van Passel
    Arthur Van Passel
    2 天 前

    Don't really like the interviewer coming on to Seb's radio. There are already way too much interviews during the sessions and now they are intruding on the team radio as well?

  69. irfan farulh
    irfan farulh
    2 天 前

    who is the girl talked to vettel?

  70. Yamato
    2 天 前

    Hamilton: 2nd place Brakes: aight, imma head out

  71. Random Task
    Random Task
    2 天 前

    I'm surprised Lewis did that.

  72. JuliursDarkzlu
    2 天 前

    3:41 epic moment

  73. Albertus Aswin
    Albertus Aswin
    2 天 前

    Red Bull mechanic: Red flag, Max. Max: more of this? Yeah your team asked for it.

  74. Not Me
    Not Me
    3 天 前

    Mark Webber's scream where?

  75. GamingWithYuvi
    3 天 前


  76. Fernando Nieto
    Fernando Nieto
    3 天 前

    Yuki relax, you have a lot to learn, shut up and drive...

  77. Aaron Judy
    Aaron Judy
    3 天 前

    lol Seb "Who gave you my number?"..that was weird.

  78. TheMechanic
    3 天 前

    Is Seb back? I hope so

  79. Project Mikha
    Project Mikha
    3 天 前

    Gasly: "That's not possible!" Vettel: "Ring Ding Ding Ding"

  80. Gwendolyn Galvan
    Gwendolyn Galvan
    3 天 前

    The shallow foam jekely rub because antelope perceptually found in a smelly donkey. nauseating, comfortable honey

  81. Nash Elric
    Nash Elric
    3 天 前

    2:51 Lol can't just imagine Max reaction if it was the last lap.

  82. Trà Chuong
    Trà Chuong
    3 天 前

    The gray greasy great vein prognostically succeed because whale simplistically spell out a grotesque refrigerator. few fierce, curvy footnote

  83. TheYorkMan
    3 天 前

    Best 'c*ns&r£d' team radio....

  84. SBPilot54
    3 天 前

    I still can't grasp how annoyingly rude and disrespectful tsunoda is. Yelling at your chief engineer to "shut up". You don't tell anyone to shut up let alone your own team. I'm curious in these situations what kind of repercussions there are.

  85. Enilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes
    Enilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes
    3 天 前

    Drivers : today is my day of Lucky Pirelli : nop

  86. cody harker
    cody harker
    3 天 前

    lets go seb!!

  87. kasen walker
    kasen walker
    3 天 前

    I hate the radio interviews

  88. Edward Burek
    Edward Burek
    3 天 前

    Hamilton: This is a marathon, not a sprint so... (mistakes brake switch for brake pedal) Super GT: Table for one, sir?

  89. Vinnie Murk
    Vinnie Murk
    3 天 前

    I hope they do cockpit interviews with the DOTD for every race! "Who have you my number? " classic vettel

  90. Bruno Farina
    Bruno Farina
    3 天 前

    Hamilton, the British Torpedo!

  91. Bwoah_7
    3 天 前

    5:02. When You manage To pass your exams.

  92. pradeep kumar
    pradeep kumar
    3 天 前

    Lewis went super agressive and lied on the radio once again :) haha.

  93. Sarang Sharma
    Sarang Sharma
    3 天 前

    Hahahaha i loved the "Done we're not in monaco anymore"

  94. Rudolf Janse van Vuuren
    Rudolf Janse van Vuuren
    3 天 前

    Yuki why aren't you pushing hard?

  95. Keegan Abreu
    Keegan Abreu
    3 天 前

    Vettels drive was up there with his best.

  96. Lisandro Demano
    Lisandro Demano
    3 天 前

    Sebby flirting again 😂😂

  97. Richard Kamwezi
    Richard Kamwezi
    3 天 前

    Why wasn't the Feliz Navidad included? Vettel surely won the team radio for the week. You got to love how Checo's engineer interrupted the celebration with the instructions to stop the car.

  98. Jennidy Goyang
    Jennidy Goyang
    3 天 前

    4:43 who gave you my number.. hilarious vettel

  99. Tom
    3 天 前

    Not liking Yuki at all

  100. Hepdy
    3 天 前

    Kimi : "no wins no beer".