RADIO REWIND! 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Two laps of intense drama from the restart to the finish!

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  1. Rasal Hague
    Rasal Hague
    16 小时 前

    Radio highlight was *"Stop the car, stop the car, stop the car..."*

  2. G-M
    21 小时 前

    "Nice job, keep pushing" Russell: And I took it literally

  3. KrisMcCool
    22 小时 前

    Can someone explain why Perez had to stop the car after the race ended?

  4. QurttoRco
    天 前

    2 races in row, Vettel mugs Gasly for 4th.

  5. Skulzz タ
    Skulzz タ
    天 前

    This race was a madness

  6. Jonar K
    Jonar K
    天 前

    "nice job mate, keep pushing" *camera switches to Russel literally pushing* HAHA

  7. Victor Hasiholan
    Victor Hasiholan
    天 前

    02:59 Verstappen: "What?!"

  8. MiniBomba1995
    天 前

    More like a " Inside Story " than a " Radio Rewind "

  9. Tobias Zeh
    Tobias Zeh
    天 前

    Dude, whats with this music...

  10. ChrisGamingNL333
    天 前

    I recommend changing the name of the video, I thought it was about the whole race

  11. 썸네일
    天 前

    1:11 !!

  12. Krishnan G M
    Krishnan G M
    天 前

    I don't know if Max can win world championship..... But with Perez fitting in well, Red Bull can try to out muscle Mercedes for Constructors championship to break monopoly

  13. Jack Mehta
    Jack Mehta
    2 天 前

    I love how Gasly’s engineer is so supportive.

  14. skatan
    2 天 前

    Man you guys are really milking this race huh? I get it, it’s been a while since something this interesting has happened.

  15. iSimon U.
    iSimon U.
    2 天 前

    Magic button *getting in there*

  16. thatdumbgoblin
    2 天 前

    "Merry christmas or whatever" -Vettel in June 2021

  17. Ryoichi Watanabe
    Ryoichi Watanabe
    2 天 前

    Horner really enjoys calling people by their first name, isn't he??

  18. Fernando Manzanares
    Fernando Manzanares
    2 天 前

    Comendable composure by Tsunoda at 0:52 - Alonso didn't exactly leave him A SPACE, but he didn't go into the closing gap and avoided hitting him into the next corner, where Alonso was quite slow because of the angle

  19. Mayur Kharche
    Mayur Kharche
    2 天 前

    This is what redbull expects from their second car when top drivers dnf their second car should step up and win and Perez is doing exactly what they need which was not same with Albon

  20. Hoverbike
    3 天 前

    When Lewis ran himself off, everyone cheered. Maybe we should just always have Lewis start from the pits. I know I wouldn't mind, F1 with Russell in the Mercedes, and in general, the less Lewis, the better the GP that weekend!

  21. Chief Denis
    Chief Denis
    3 天 前

    Alonso was mad impressive at the restart, my nominee for rookie of the year for sure

  22. H K
    H K
    3 天 前

    2:59 checo sounds like Conor McGregor here hahaha

  23. Dilshan harith
    Dilshan harith
    3 天 前

    Hate the fact that Hamilton couldn't win the race, but absolutely loved the race.

  24. Bob Cathey
    Bob Cathey
    3 天 前

    Commenting from the US: As you may know, the US is having a politically created crisis by people who suppressed a group of people, then made that group of people dependent on the government in order to get votes to keep them in power. This makes many in the US sad. By looking past the main stream media anyone should see the hypocrisy and hatred. Just look at all of the violence in liberal cities by liberals. ALL of our citizens deserve better. Please do not let the US main stream media fool you. I WANT RACING! May the best team and driver(s) win. That is all! KEEP POLITICS OUT OF ALL SPORTS or we will continue to tune out

  25. Jean Marc
    Jean Marc
    3 天 前

    We need some more of this radio rewind

  26. Insighting
    3 天 前

    When the Azerbaijan grand prix is 51 laps but the radio rewind is 2 laps

  27. TheGlassyGamer
    3 天 前

    The Alonso Alpine sounds like a Formula E car.

  28. anzu ROCK
    anzu ROCK
    3 天 前

    checo おめでとう!thanx! love from japan!

  29. Curtis KitKit 0721
    Curtis KitKit 0721
    3 天 前

    Get in there Lewis Later When I see you again~

  30. Li No
    Li No
    3 天 前

    imagine you getting interrupted celebrating your win with angy STOP THE CAR noises -.-

    1. DivineDaoist
      3 天 前

      Saving the engine because of Hydraulic pressure failure

  31. Samsung 50s
    Samsung 50s
    3 天 前

    Yeahhh right...SORRY NO CURE 😒

  32. Nirvaan Aggarwal
    Nirvaan Aggarwal
    3 天 前

    Why was Lewis holding his wheel like that at the restart?

  33. francisco gil
    francisco gil
    3 天 前

    So after crossing the flag he had to turn off the engine? Why?

    1. DivineDaoist
      3 天 前

      Hydraulic pressure failure

  34. J. C.
    J. C.
    3 天 前

    Best three laps in F1 for a long long long time. So rewarding to watch Lewis no dive at the restart.

  35. Eathos
    3 天 前

    Great racing between Charles and Pierre

  36. MallV0lli0
    3 天 前

    0:53 Yuki: ALL THE TIME YOU NEED TO LEAVE A SPACE Alonso ahead: Not this time kid

  37. Arch3r666
    3 天 前

    From one Australian to another..... Thank Michael Masi for giving everyone the best show of the last two laps anyone has ever seen with the raw racing that everyone really needed

  38. kamfire productions ._.
    kamfire productions ._.
    3 天 前

    Everyone finna look back to this in a few years 🤔

  39. cutaket
    3 天 前

    No DRS needed to have great fights

  40. Leonardo Costa
    Leonardo Costa
    3 天 前

    this guy Tsunoda is a big shame for the Japanese people because of his very disrespect behavior. Japanese are known because of their very respectful behavior with others, that's why this baby boy might be a big shame to the very polite Japanese people!!

  41. Richard Gore
    Richard Gore
    3 天 前

    What a epic great music!

  42. szewei1985
    3 天 前

    Haha nice

  43. Luciano Herrera
    Luciano Herrera
    3 天 前

    It is necessary do a radio rewind at this times? I mean, we are in 2021, they lost content for the Future seasons to hit on the Fan's nostalgia

  44. EMPORiO 5112
    EMPORiO 5112
    3 天 前

    The battle of Gasly and Leclerc on the straight was epic!

  45. ChristiannYT
    3 天 前

    Engineer: keep pushing Camera transition: Russell pushing his car lol😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  46. Satya Anandakrishnan
    Satya Anandakrishnan
    3 天 前

    Could you guys bring back the text on Radio rewind.

  47. C J
    C J
    3 天 前

    So happy for Checo!

  48. Herdiant Kiky
    Herdiant Kiky
    4 天 前

    “Ahh i loved it guys…”

  49. El BonitiilloO
    El BonitiilloO
    4 天 前

    2:13 this camera angle is amazing.

  50. Gary Easdale
    Gary Easdale
    4 天 前

    Why did they take his cool down lap another name Victory lap. Wait Wait Where's my pause button I need to have a think. Oh Two tyre punches main straight at hi speed Tyre check for damage Or uninspected wear 🖐️

  51. Andy P
    Andy P
    4 天 前

    Checo, first of many. Starting his push for the championship! And oh Keep Pushing George!

  52. Hoshi 11
    Hoshi 11
    4 天 前

    0:45 TSUNODA was losing his positon one by one as losing his temper.

  53. Diganta Dutta
    Diganta Dutta
    4 天 前

    Poor Russell doing what not just to push that dogshit of a car. Pushing on track, pushing off track... just get this man a car he deserves... It's just sad seeing this

  54. superbus starodub
    superbus starodub
    4 天 前


  55. MeatVision
    4 天 前

    Feliz navidad, Sergio, you deserve it

  56. sigit prasetyo
    sigit prasetyo
    4 天 前

    Baku was never dissapointing

  57. Matheus Andrade
    Matheus Andrade
    4 天 前

    We need subs for this, radio quality is always really bad

  58. Lightening McQueen
    Lightening McQueen
    4 天 前

    I did not expect this video to be made.

  59. Xavier Morla
    Xavier Morla
    4 天 前

    Perez is doing what Albion should've done

  60. Shay
    4 天 前

    Why did they want him to stop the car?

    1. DivineDaoist
      3 天 前

      Hydraulic pressure failure had he not stop the engine will just be blown.

  61. Quinn Donaldson
    Quinn Donaldson
    4 天 前

    first time a redbull 2nd driver has won since Daniel

  62. YK
    4 天 前

    Noo Tsunoda don't sweat...

  63. Celadon Hair Extraordinaire
    Celadon Hair Extraordinaire
    4 天 前

    Isn't radio rewind for races that happened a while ago?

  64. Katie Marsh
    Katie Marsh
    4 天 前

    The editing of “keep pushing” and then seeing George pushing his car. Quality edit here

  65. ivica niko
    ivica niko
    4 天 前

    Hamilton's left is actually right!

  66. Lekky Jayz
    Lekky Jayz
    4 天 前

    Hamilton will definitely regain and keep the lead at some stage in the marathon.

  67. R U
    R U
    4 天 前

    Why did RB stop perez at the pit exit??

  68. nathan asselin
    nathan asselin
    4 天 前

    Im so happy seeing Hamilton struggle so much. This season begining is very interesting.

  69. Austin Westwind
    Austin Westwind
    4 天 前

    I really appreciate the how quick bono came to console Lewis. It was amazing, his voice in that moment was very reassuring. His voice indirectly said," Don't worry Lewis, this year is very long and we will get it back. You have done a lot so it's okay for you to make mistakes as well, and when you do we will be here for you buddy."

    1. Austin Westwind
      Austin Westwind
      3 天 前

      @Carlos Barzotto Wirti It is shame Lewis didn't do the same.

    2. Carlos Barzotto Wirti
      Carlos Barzotto Wirti
      4 天 前

      It almost doesn't feel like Hamilton was throwing the team under the bus in Monaco, just 2 weeks ago.

  70. ??!!??!!??!!??!!??!!
    4 天 前

    Imagine telling you that you finished behind mazepin and you are a 7 times world champion. The worst feeling

  71. Must_Tang Boss
    Must_Tang Boss
    4 天 前

    Fun fact : All the three podium finishers were once snubbed by their past teams.

  72. Varc6
    4 天 前

    I still dont know what happend to george russel

  73. DdariQ
    4 天 前

    Why did Checo have to stop there at the end? Not enough fuel?

    1. DivineDaoist
      4 天 前

      Hydraulic pressure failure

  74. Shubham Sharma
    Shubham Sharma
    4 天 前

    I love these radio rewind❣️. My Favorite Abu Dhabi 2010 The title decider🙌😉

  75. Zombie George
    Zombie George
    4 天 前

    3rd video about team radio. Milk it a bit more. How about something interesting, maybe why the tires exploded? Nah, next vid will be "back of the pack radio".

  76. Franco Castan
    Franco Castan
    4 天 前

    Did anyone catch Russell's early exit after the race? Hmmmm wonder what that was all about?

  77. Dorian Papp
    Dorian Papp
    4 天 前

    Thanks for this

  78. Ezekiel Tolentino
    Ezekiel Tolentino
    4 天 前

    the alpines sound amazing!!

  79. Fleakle the Otter
    Fleakle the Otter
    4 天 前

    Shut up David

  80. Nonoflight
    4 天 前


  81. ElsFidom
    4 天 前

    George Russell a guy of many talents Driver and Marshall

  82. José Dias
    José Dias
    4 天 前

    Radio Rewind: Brazilian GP 2008

  83. Pure Life
    Pure Life
    4 天 前

    Azerbejan is terrorist country they are killing christians and occupying Armenian lands

  84. Vikram N.B.
    Vikram N.B.
    4 天 前

    I will watch it a thousand times as long as Seb podium & Perez win is shown.

  85. Bearly Koalafied
    Bearly Koalafied
    4 天 前

    First red bull win from their second driver since monaco 2018

  86. Ян Савицкий
    Ян Савицкий
    4 天 前

    Wow! Super video! I like this type of content!

  87. Makss__
    4 天 前

    This race yesterday ... was amazing ... Sebastian Vettel on the track behaved like in his best years driving a Ferrari ... it's a pity that Max Verstappen's accident could have escaped Lewis Hamilton ... his push off the track must have hurt the Mercedes badly. obviously congratulations to Sergio Perez, I think Vettel deserved to win but that's just my opinion .. I supported Ferrari and especially Charla Leclerc who is a great driver and I believe and will be cheering him on to win some competitions this season !! congratulations to all the contestants who fought

  88. Deadman YouTube
    Deadman YouTube
    4 天 前

    they left out vettel and gasly at the end. Gutted, absolutely gutted.

  89. Reed J
    Reed J
    4 天 前

    quite the rewind

  90. Oliver Harper
    Oliver Harper
    4 天 前

    More of these

  91. Tom Pato
    Tom Pato
    4 天 前

    what about sometimes video without commentatory and only sound up and radio?!

    4 天 前

    Missing the text on radio messages

  93. E
    4 天 前

    Russel decided hes faster pushing that williams

  94. flexmode17
    4 天 前

    "Stop the car!" will forever ruin this highlight for Perez's win.

    1. Erick Jin
      Erick Jin
      2 天 前

      Kevin Adrian yeah I agree. Knowing the technical issues made the win much more intense

    2. Kevin Adrian
      Kevin Adrian
      3 天 前

      I think it enhances this win cause it shows that he was driving a car that was ready to break at any point, yet he still brought it home in first place.

    3. flexmode17
      3 天 前

      LOL I didn't say the engineer should have stayed quiet. Simply stating that it was just unfortunate it had to end/turn up that way

    4. Shukri Wafiq
      Shukri Wafiq
      3 天 前

      WTF1 said his car had a problem or something and barely made it to the finish line so that's why

    5. ahsan rasheed
      ahsan rasheed
      3 天 前

      Why is it so ? Engineer knows better

  95. Hamza Chaudhry
    Hamza Chaudhry
    4 天 前

    0:40 That overtake from Alonso 👌

  96. Rico Suave
    Rico Suave
    4 天 前


  97. Feroz Shah
    Feroz Shah
    4 天 前

    Top notch video this one. More please

  98. Nitin Thakur
    Nitin Thakur
    4 天 前

    Seb, Checo & Alonso - lets teach these kids some lessons 😀

  99. Andi S
    Andi S
    4 天 前

    Why Peres allow to park like that ??

  100. Y0sh
    4 天 前

    Netflix orgasmed after that race.