Perez, Vettel And Gasly Team Radio Celebrations | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Sergio Perez's first win for Red Bull, Sebastian Vettel's best finish since 2019 and Pierre Gasly clinches P3 - no wonder the celebrations on team radio were memorable at the finish in Baku!

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  1. Nardo Vogt
    Nardo Vogt
    天 前

    That was the most charming podium in a long while...

  2. Mr.Entertainer
    天 前

    The most fantastic podium finishers. Well deserved.

  3. Jihad Alif
    Jihad Alif
    天 前

    F1 please give us pit lane's glory story a moment before these 3 lads taking the chequered flag

  4. TG H
    TG H
    2 天 前

    vettel very happy

  5. Majin Merrk
    Majin Merrk
    2 天 前

    The grid is so much better with a happy Seb on it.

  6. J P
    J P
    2 天 前

    The positive energy from this video is just outstanding!

  7. Indica Smok
    Indica Smok
    2 天 前

    His smile, his laugh, his energy... it’s BACK!

  8. Scully
    2 天 前

    No response from the Aston pit was weird

  9. red
    2 天 前

    Perez breaks the RB curse

  10. Josaphat Febrian || J.F_Works
    Josaphat Febrian || J.F_Works
    2 天 前

    This is for all the kids out there, who dreamed the impo- *Stop the car, stop the car*

  11. Apurva Jadhav
    Apurva Jadhav
    2 天 前

    Gasly’s engineer sounds so cheerful

  12. SargeanttheVR
    3 天 前

    saves his engine setup must be havy then...he should have kept his finger on the pedal....cooling...engine needs airflow right??..temps??..just saying..

  13. Ricardo Alonso Diazgranados Bossio
    Ricardo Alonso Diazgranados Bossio
    3 天 前

    I really missed the YES YES YES YES! celebration from Seb.

  14. Isaaco
    3 天 前

    Checo’s engineer made up for the stop the car with the “that was epic”

  15. jimmer tubigan
    jimmer tubigan
    3 天 前

    1 current red bull driver and 2 former red bull drivers are in podium in baku azerbaijan that is so amazing for all red bull fans to see a these 3 current and former red bull drivers are come in podium in baku wooow 😮😍😍😍 1.PEREZ🇲🇽 2.VETTEL🇩🇪 3.GASLY🇫🇷 🏎💨❤

  16. Thomas
    3 天 前

    Seb‘s „HA HA HAHAHA“ I kinda felt that 🤔💚

  17. Marcos Alvarez
    Marcos Alvarez
    3 天 前

    Feliz Navidad 🎄🎁 🎅🏻

  18. Mohamed Mamdouh
    Mohamed Mamdouh
    3 天 前

    "Not bad for a number 2 driver"

  19. Dani L Teixeira
    Dani L Teixeira
    3 天 前

    Feliz Navidad in June for Checo from Seb💚💙 Love to hear it

  20. donronn 71
    donronn 71
    3 天 前

    Thank you 4 hear this emotions!!!! Its nice ...👍

    3 天 前

    What is the name of pereZ race eangineer who said stop the car

  22. XxFlames
    3 天 前

    Red bull podium

  23. Lex
    3 天 前

    You gotta love Seb...😄💕 "Feliz Navidad to Checo" has to be the best words to congrats Checo, ever! 😂💕 and "Stop the car, Checo!" is the 2nd best...😂

  24. Alfonso
    3 天 前

    Yo at least checo didn’t crash like the others -.- ! Congrats to checo !

  25. Victormiraloera
    3 天 前

    Alpha tauri engineers sounds like call center or scammers.

  26. Anita
    3 天 前

    What a last few laps, eh

  27. Michael
    3 天 前

    Why posting 10 times the same radio and everytime you all it different.

  28. Samuel Smythe
    Samuel Smythe
    3 天 前

    “Felix Navidad to Checo or whatever” 😂😂😂

  29. HenryKBD
    4 天 前

    is it horner who congratulate gasly in the end there?

  30. u u
    u u
    4 天 前

    Other radio engineers: well done!! Copy copy!! Gasly radio engineer: woooowhooooo !!!!!

  31. Powe In 144HZ
    Powe In 144HZ
    4 天 前

    Vettel:felis navidad checo

  32. Jenny Wasn't Here
    Jenny Wasn't Here
    4 天 前

    Feliz navidad to checo 🙏🏻😂

  33. steven G
    steven G
    4 天 前

    Peres: 'the First of many'! Horner: silence....

  34. steven G
    steven G
    4 天 前

    You can tell Horner was faking his celebrations . He doesn't want Peres to get above his station.

  35. Andre Beretta
    Andre Beretta
    4 天 前

    That was pretty much a fluke. Highly unlikely you’ll see Perez beat Max again this season

  36. Haroon Siddiqi
    Haroon Siddiqi
    4 天 前

    wondering is it just me or someone really called Perez "Pierre" on the radio?

  37. Nimish Srivastav
    Nimish Srivastav
    4 天 前

    Pierre's engineer was more excited than him. lol XD And who doesn't love Seb when he's happy and smiling!! :D

  38. Lemeckom
    4 天 前

    Brawo Sergio ,Brawo Seb ,Brawo Pierre!!!

  39. wilson castro
    wilson castro
    4 天 前

    Pongan le subtítulos plis

  40. The regular 5thgrader 13444-
    The regular 5thgrader 13444-
    4 天 前


  41. gerardo soto
    gerardo soto
    4 天 前

    Wudup sergio?

  42. Fabian Valladares
    Fabian Valladares
    4 天 前

    Feliz navidad to checo

  43. Davemr edo d mx
    Davemr edo d mx
    4 天 前

    Pérez engineer: stop the car CHECO: OK, Main job is done

  44. W C
    W C
    4 天 前

    Happiest podium I’ve seen in a long while.

  45. adrian virgilio
    adrian virgilio
    4 天 前

    Vettel is such a nice man, he was happy for checo

  46. UnimatrixOne
    4 天 前

    I don´t like Vettel, but he deserved this.

  47. Michael Haryawan
    Michael Haryawan
    4 天 前

    Everyone seems so happy to see checo & seb on podium ..well done guys ❤️

  48. G H
    G H
    4 天 前

    Seb: "Feliz Navidad to Checo" Checo: but if we are in June Feliz navidad/merry christmas

  49. stratman
    4 天 前

    and now i want a video with full radio from Valteri Bottas and Lewis when they crossed the line...and no cuts pleas...!!!...:-)

  50. Rex Longfellow
    Rex Longfellow
    4 天 前

    Love these three on the podium.

  51. renegado100
    4 天 前

    Feliz June. I guess G- forces affected him Whatever

  52. H K
    H K
    4 天 前

    Stop the car Sergio car is more important than the momentary happiness 😀.

  53. Kunal DC
    Kunal DC
    4 天 前

    What vettel is happy about? He is just more lucky to be 2nd than 4th. Vettel need to prove himself entire season as just to be more than lucky.

  54. Hoàng Huy Đinh
    Hoàng Huy Đinh
    4 天 前

    no "get in there, Lewis"?

  55. renegado100
    4 天 前

    Epic fail: Feliz Navidad

  56. muhammad shofwan
    muhammad shofwan
    4 天 前

    The first time i heard everyt team on the podium is genuinly happy and excited. Usually if Lewis or Max on podium they just sort of clapping, especially Mercedes

  57. steven G
    steven G
    4 天 前

    they all stole each others thunder lol

  58. Coby Charlton
    Coby Charlton
    4 天 前

    Horner comes on radio and makes Sergio win about Max and Red bull. Sad sad man

  59. JC Enri
    JC Enri
    4 天 前

    why they told him to stop the car, whats the issue?

  60. Joe Brown
    Joe Brown
    4 天 前

    Why have we not got an onboard video yet of hamilton locking up at the restart? Or are we biased towards Hamilton. Most other incidents have a video within 2 hours

  61. Beetle Race
    Beetle Race
    4 天 前

    Fun fact: every time Perez is on the podium in Baku, Vettel is also on the podium

  62. Tarik
    4 天 前

    I want a summery of Vettels Race please!!! 😍😍😍

  63. comentarista25
    4 天 前

    Aston makes some redbull parts Alpha uses redbull engine three buddies

  64. lxvi84
    4 天 前

    Looks like Gasly is getting used to it eh :)

  65. a roy
    a roy
    4 天 前

    seb laughing and being happy is what the fans need. love it!!

  66. 李建忠
    4 天 前


  67. SMS
    4 天 前

    Everyone in that podium is/were Redbull drivers

  68. sayan das
    sayan das
    4 天 前

    i hope vettel got the pickup in mood he needs. poor man was depressed working for ferrari. glad to see him back in spirits.

  69. Master Tealc
    Master Tealc
    4 天 前

    Christian Horner: "Thanks Sergio for finishing that off for us!" Perez: "You welcome... You gonna pay me by the Hour or by the Night orrrrrrr?"

  70. Prayudi Aji
    Prayudi Aji
    4 天 前

    Why the team ask Perez to stop IMMEDIATELY after finish ?

  71. Abhishek Bhatt
    Abhishek Bhatt
    4 天 前

    A big fan of gasly's drive. That last lap was incredible

  72. Abhishek Agarwal
    Abhishek Agarwal
    4 天 前

    "Congratulations or Merry Christmas, whatever..." . Amazing.

  73. elgran mikegdl
    elgran mikegdl
    4 天 前

    Stop the car! Stop the car! bien Checo Pérez!! no dañar la máquina por fallas hidráulicas, Excelente!! Congragulations! from Guadalajara, México. 🇲🇽

  74. sharpie fatah
    sharpie fatah
    4 天 前

    Enjoy your moment with Pierre!

  75. Cristian Vergara Pardo
    Cristian Vergara Pardo
    4 天 前

    "feliz navidad checo"

  76. Melvin J
    Melvin J
    4 天 前

    mood Killer, 100%

  77. SILVER19451945
    4 天 前


  78. Mery Pierobon
    Mery Pierobon
    4 天 前

    "Guys, I don't know how I did that" GOAT hahahhahha something else this podium, gotta love it

  79. Sophia Übergänger
    Sophia Übergänger
    4 天 前

    Did Horner congratulate Pierre?

  80. Farees Iskandar
    Farees Iskandar
    4 天 前

    I love the way all the podium places driver have driven in red bull before

  81. Gilby Benaya
    Gilby Benaya
    4 天 前

    Why perez engineer told to stop the car?

    1. Amartya Gupta
      Amartya Gupta
      4 天 前

      He had some hydraulics issue in the car

  82. Kieran Shum
    Kieran Shum
    4 天 前

    Lets take out lance stroll meme and put checo engineer meme we as community can do this Checo u deserve this more than any one Seb is everyones fav(sorry mine is checo ) Gasly shows off he deserves more

  83. Nikhil K J
    Nikhil K J
    4 天 前

    This is such weird fact. Checo won the race everytime when max and Lewis were not there and Russell's car would be messed up.... Gasly on podium each time Valteri and Lewis messed up... And Sebastian vettel is just a sweetheart who had to get a podium. 😀

    1. MaferLuna
      4 天 前

      Vettel has shared other podiums with Checo too 😅🎉

    2. Amartya Gupta
      Amartya Gupta
      4 天 前

      Haha. Correct!

  84. Luke Wood
    Luke Wood
    4 天 前

    Gasly and Hamelin are such bros

  85. Michle raju
    Michle raju
    4 天 前

    Fail 84 ??

  86. Karan Pratap Singh
    Karan Pratap Singh
    4 天 前

    Best combo:Gasly,alpha tauri and honda

  87. Lin Dee
    Lin Dee
    4 天 前

    Gasly didn't really celebrate that much but oh well congrats on the podium👏🎉

  88. Ganapathy subramanian
    Ganapathy subramanian
    4 天 前

    Well deb could've said gracias but yeah my man tried and SMILING SEB IS BACK BABY

  89. Yash Mistry
    Yash Mistry
    4 天 前

    All second drivers were on podium

  90. Olivier L
    Olivier L
    4 天 前

    From now on, when I want to congratulate someone, I will say "Merry Christmas" and "stop the car".

  91. Daniel S. Howland
    Daniel S. Howland
    4 天 前

    I was scared that this was another ponzi scheme. But my fears have been cleared after I took the long route of 180 days investment plan. I now know for certainty that bitcoinsamurai is real

  92. Logan Taylor
    Logan Taylor
    4 天 前

    Happy seb makes me happy. Also Gasly oncr again proving that he deserves a seat in a championship contending car

  93. Adam Tobák
    Adam Tobák
    4 天 前

    I want Lando to be first

  94. Jesus Garcia
    Jesus Garcia
    4 天 前

    Well done checo . . I can’t wait to see you race again. . 🚦🚦🏁🏁🇦🇿🇦🇿🇲🇽🇲🇽🇺🇸🏁🏁

  95. K.K.A. Varadaguru
    K.K.A. Varadaguru
    4 天 前

    Horner saying 'enjoy your podium with pierre' is so wholesome

  96. Glenn Galili
    Glenn Galili
    4 天 前

    Feliz navidad everyone!

  97. Varun
    4 天 前

    Seb - takes Perez's seat Also Seb - Happy for Perez. Im speechless

  98. varianteagle
    5 天 前

    Vetted talking non-stop on the radio 😂 , giving no chance for the engineer to congratulate

  99. El Majico
    El Majico
    5 天 前

    Vettel is just annoying

  100. El Majico
    El Majico
    5 天 前

    After retiring, Russell became Sergio's engineer