Charles Leclerc's Pole Lap | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix | Pirelli

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Back-to-back poles for Charles Leclerc in 2021 - his first in Baku!

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  1. Felix
    22 小时 前

    ferrari over here getting poles but still battling with the midfield. that car has got to improve on the long run

  2. Matthew Li Puma
    Matthew Li Puma
    天 前

    To take another pole with all that oversteer he was fighting throughout the lap makes it even more impressive than it already is.

  3. MrGEO1940
    2 天 前

    This is nothing,i'm better .My time on this lap is 1:39,85 in the PS4 !! :-)

    1. Solex GP
      Solex GP
      天 前

      You are not experiencing anything like these drivers so shut up

  4. Alessandro D'Orsi
    Alessandro D'Orsi
    2 天 前

    The F1 Ferrari engine has not just a sound , but rather a music, a kind of a chant that's different from all the others existing in the Circus ( with the respect due to them)

  5. Marko Gelic
    Marko Gelic
    5 天 前

    Ferrari on pole position

  6. diego diegui
    diego diegui
    5 天 前

    That camera quality.. is this 2021 ?

  7. Bryan
    5 天 前

    That Ferrari handled itself beautifully with finesse. There are tracks you enjoy and you just excel. And some drivers found this track pretty tricky, see how he made it look so easy

  8. szewei1985
    6 天 前

    Haha dude gotta start improving total wins yo

    1. Chip Skylark
      Chip Skylark
      5 天 前

      This Ferrari is still pretty slow in the straights, so what could he do?

  9. Ionut Biceaga
    Ionut Biceaga
    6 天 前

    😃Por lo menos hai alguno de que sabe pilotar...🏎️ 🧐🏎️🧲F1🧉🙄

  10. Koka Jr
    Koka Jr
    6 天 前

    Охрененно конечно что ф1 проходит на пр Нефтянников Причем помоему самый быстрый ))) Сразу видно кто в СНГ самый нефтянник)) Спасибо Баку

  11. Luca Matta
    Luca Matta
    6 天 前

    what a loser XD XD

  12. Rodrigo Isaac Velázquez
    Rodrigo Isaac Velázquez
    6 天 前

    Poles: Sergio Pérez:0 Charles Lecrerc:9 Podios: Sergio Pérez:11 Charles Lecrerc:12 Wins: Sergio Pérez:2 Charles Lecrerc:2

  13. Palooka 92
    Palooka 92
    6 天 前

    9 poles...races full of stupidity!!

  14. İsmail Alican
    İsmail Alican
    6 天 前

    The camera is from 2000s I guess.

  15. Taavet Rei
    Taavet Rei
    6 天 前

    Please long video

  16. Alfi Aflahal Muflih
    Alfi Aflahal Muflih
    6 天 前

    dang, that's a very long straight line.

  17. Denis Dimitrov
    Denis Dimitrov
    6 天 前

    That Ferrari is GLUED! Radical changes lead to radical results. Def the most beautifull car this season.

  18. M&M 123
    M&M 123
    6 天 前


  19. M&M 123
    M&M 123
    6 天 前


  20. Maxitsu24
    6 天 前

    Did he had alot of tow? It sseemed to be very minor since Hamilton was a bit far away?

  21. sabah
    6 天 前

    Best race track of the calendar

  22. Birisi
    6 天 前

    Imagine only 5 drivers finishing the race...

  23. Hidernity
    6 天 前

    Ferrari: ok Charles, that's P1 Charles: are we on pole? Ferrari: we are checking

    6 天 前

    Ferrari fanbois are annoying

  25. jan_030
    6 天 前

    Again doesnt deserve it, now he has got twice a pole because of a red flag thats a shame, unfortunately he will not win, its gonna be verstappen👍

    1. Vassilis Papadellis
      Vassilis Papadellis
      6 天 前

      Why doesn't he deserve it? His lap was the fastest and the red flag came in the very final seconds of the session. Verstappen should have pushed for a faster lap earlier. He 100% deserved it

  26. alfi indra bayu
    alfi indra bayu
    6 天 前

    P1 ok Charles??👍👍

  27. Miguelangel Fernández M.
    Miguelangel Fernández M.
    6 天 前

    There is one turn there so tight, I think even by walking I would need to slow down hahahaha these guys are like anakin or smth lol

  28. Wesley Janse
    Wesley Janse
    6 天 前

    Lap seemed scrappy. Happy for him to grab pole, but he probably would've lost it if it wasn't for the redflag.

  29. 1998-Supto Mahanto
    1998-Supto Mahanto
    6 天 前

    No purple sector but still got the pole

  30. 遺志をつぐもの
    6 天 前

    Mongolian TSUNODA

  31. Hate Lulu shamilton
    Hate Lulu shamilton
    6 天 前

    When leclerc win the race without starting from pole?

  32. amit shet
    amit shet
    6 天 前

    Thanks to the tow...

  33. MBA 95
    MBA 95
    6 天 前

    This man drives so smooth. I think he should become a F1 driver

  34. Filippo M
    Filippo M
    6 天 前

    that tow in the final straight was clutch

  35. TaKumiGSR
    6 天 前

    1:45 amazing how the sound changes when DRS is open

  36. Tomy Rohma Danu
    Tomy Rohma Danu
    6 天 前

    what a quali, 4 red flags... cant wait for race day, i think it will be fun race

  37. shenkie p
    shenkie p
    6 天 前

    Ferrari needs to be punished for manipulating Qualifcations.

    1. RuxM
      6 天 前

      It's tsunoda WHO crashed

    2. RuxM
      6 天 前


  38. elko noob
    elko noob
    6 天 前

    Poooooooooole position, pooooole position, pooooole position,pooooole position, pooooole position per charles leclerc a Baku

  39. satos1
    6 天 前

    Love how the engine revs increase when he engages DRS down the long finish straight.

  40. Fabio Pugliese
    Fabio Pugliese
    6 天 前

    the only way for Ferrari to be broadcasted by anglo-Fiacedes director. Oh, wait..we didn't see that in live

  41. ashwath Ash
    ashwath Ash
    6 天 前

    Leclerc and Max would be a second faster than Lewis in the Mercedes.

  42. beskeletons kidzwill
    beskeletons kidzwill
    6 天 前

    What is wrong with this garbage video codec? :(

  43. Activision 1234
    Activision 1234
    6 天 前

    Street Circuit = Ferrari Pole?

  44. Atena Chios
    Atena Chios
    6 天 前


  45. T T
    T T
    6 天 前

    a pole with a yellow first sector and two green sectors. How is that possible?

  46. DrBreezeAir
    6 天 前

    That is soooo smooth. Charles is a genius.

  47. Yarred Pel
    Yarred Pel
    6 天 前

    Great another polelap where there was no tense second run because of these street circuits.

  48. Miky Koon
    Miky Koon
    6 天 前

    Ferrari has amazing traction out of corners countering the lack of top end performance. Amazing pole lap .

  49. Jędrzej 54
    Jędrzej 54
    6 天 前


  50. Mad Mick
    Mad Mick
    6 天 前

    Drop the track and gain some actual racing.

  51. Xian Mikel Ocampo
    Xian Mikel Ocampo
    6 天 前

    The thumbnail looked like a game! Anyway congratulations Charles!

  52. CooKie DIAVEL
    CooKie DIAVEL
    6 天 前

    Charles is back 😎

  53. mrmusicmanic
    6 天 前

    What illegal mods have been hushed up on the Ferrari this time 😂😂

  54. Benjamin Johnson
    Benjamin Johnson
    6 天 前

    This is great

  55. Samuel Sudheer Vara
    Samuel Sudheer Vara
    6 天 前

    He didn't take the apex in T1 and T2. There is still a lot of time in early in Sector 2. He had a massive tow on Sector 3 which gave him this time.

  56. Вугар Сноу
    Вугар Сноу
    6 天 前

    Can someone explain why there are ALWAYS lags on the official formula record, with all the technologies and ability?

  57. Hyp3qR
    6 天 前

    Years later Max and Leclerc are going to be rival for championship

  58. Luca Patrone
    Luca Patrone
    6 天 前

    Forza ferrari always

  59. EnMenLuAna
    6 天 前

    This annoying track should be bannned from F1 colendar

  60. Kevin Teguh
    Kevin Teguh
    6 天 前

    Not a perfect lap i think, but enough to put him in pole

  61. Daniel Balcan
    Daniel Balcan
    6 天 前

    The circuit is superb!

  62. Eamon Ahern
    Eamon Ahern
    6 天 前

    The downward gear changes sound weird because the gear count in my head only reached 6 when he was on the final straight to finish the lap and the gear selection for some of the corners wouldn't make sense if my count was accurate.

  63. Daan Wmn
    Daan Wmn
    6 天 前

    In Mexico 19 the pole wasn't the fastest time, Monaco and now Baku.

  64. Varoluşsal Sancılar
    Varoluşsal Sancılar
    6 天 前

    The most talented driver in f1 right now.

  65. Giona Fenile
    Giona Fenile
    6 天 前

    Future worldchampion

  66. Evan Williams
    Evan Williams
    6 天 前

    What does the yellow mean on sector 1 at the bottom? Never known what that means

  67. Cos
    6 天 前

    Leclerc tu es le meilleur

  68. Nedsky Narsolis
    Nedsky Narsolis
    6 天 前

    Difficult to see the corners as they have the same color scheme with the escape route.

  69. Jordan Martinelli
    Jordan Martinelli
    6 天 前

    we need telemetry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Wagglydrop6
    6 天 前

    It must have been very fast, but thanks also to Hamilton's slipstream.

  71. Hafsham Hamdi
    Hafsham Hamdi
    6 天 前

    Lec: 1st podium Challenger: i want too

  72. Str8 Cash
    Str8 Cash
    6 天 前

    Quality of this video and Monaco are horrible

  73. DeLord
    6 天 前

    Great! Finally Ferrari is back 😎

  74. Sumit Joseph
    Sumit Joseph
    6 天 前

    What tow were the commentators talking about? Lewis was at a distance. Charles did all by himself.

  75. squizzi08_
    6 天 前

    1:03 Wait What?

  76. Divesh Kubal
    Divesh Kubal
    6 天 前

    Doesn't look like a pole lap. But yeah.. Cheers to Charles... Meanwhile Mercedes: BLAME VALTTERI HERE AS WELL FOR RED FLAG....

  77. RcC will
    RcC will
    6 天 前

    Leclercs helmet looks big than everyone elses

  78. alooy799
    6 天 前

    FERRARI BACK AGAIN, "Everyone is a Ferrari fan even Mercedes are Ferrari fans"- Seb

  79. Muhamad Adhitya
    Muhamad Adhitya
    6 天 前

    It wasnt that clean of a lap either. So he could be going even faster i guess. Cant wait for today race

  80. bro dude
    bro dude
    6 天 前

    it would of been better if you showed the gears/gear numbers

  81. Akshay Sasidharan
    Akshay Sasidharan
    6 天 前

    The downshift sounds like a chipmunk's sneeze😂

  82. Justin McDermott
    Justin McDermott
    6 天 前

    Everyone hyping up the tow but he dominated the 2nd sector in the first runs and ran purple. This was a legit quick lap

  83. MrBluntNose
    6 天 前

    Grande LeClerc!

  84. Atharva Zodpe
    Atharva Zodpe
    6 天 前

    The thumbnail looks like he has the racing line turned on

  85. Lollo Fossat
    Lollo Fossat
    6 天 前

    Well done

  86. Noel Andersson
    Noel Andersson
    6 天 前

    He got pole because he got a toe

  87. Wicaksono Budiman wise
    Wicaksono Budiman wise
    6 天 前

    Come on Charles, get that P1 on Sunday

  88. John McGlasson
    John McGlasson
    6 天 前

    This course absolutely blows.

  89. RioPutri Channel
    RioPutri Channel
    6 天 前

    Ferrari is the best

  90. SgIsAwesome
    6 天 前

    just leave it to ferrari to make a turbo v6 sound like an n/a v6

  91. Max Allegri
    Max Allegri
    6 天 前

    Is the 5th, is the 5th lap and Hamilton is out of the race, is out of the race😢

  92. Hazazi Azizan
    Hazazi Azizan
    6 天 前

    Charles Leclerc: The most lucky and unlucky driver of all time

  93. Udayan Sharma
    Udayan Sharma
    6 天 前

    The weird thing is that the 1st sector was yellow and there was not a single purple sector

  94. Deniz1923
    7 天 前

    Audio out of sync.

  95. Hoten Hitonokoe
    Hoten Hitonokoe
    7 天 前


  96. SYCK
    7 天 前

    Party mode ON!!

  97. Tushar Bandi
    Tushar Bandi
    7 天 前

    Amazing lap, but what’s up with the poor video quality?

  98. Wayne Chen
    Wayne Chen
    7 天 前

    The future world championship

  99. EM
    7 天 前

    En la curva 4 y 6 cometió errores. Las curvas a derecha le cuestan más porque apura demasiado la frenada y el coche se le mueve en los ingresos.

    1. Felipe Giraldo
      Felipe Giraldo
      7 天 前

      En la 4 dudó y en la 6 aceleró muy pronto

  100. the man the myth the legend
    the man the myth the legend
    7 天 前

    How does he do it?