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  1. Mario Willems
    Mario Willems
    22 小时 前

    Sir Lewis Hamilton is the king of Formule1.

    22 小时 前

    Was big crash ahhh

  3. XVllllll-llllllll
    22 小时 前

    One of the greatest lap in f1 history , with Hamilton lap in Singapore 2018

  4. Maxi F
    Maxi F
    22 小时 前

    Very funny Mr. Alonso 😂, Piquet drift is iconic really outstanding, schumis strategy is another iconic Hungary moment, Max vs Lewis is this season kino highlight yesterday the crash tomorrow the title now an epic weekend, Button rain Miracle is another brilliant moment Hungary mid sector is counting for the fastestlap and maybe the drs for start/finish

  5. SRL_LimitLess
    22 小时 前

    "Both Georges" Wait there's another

  6. Laszlo Carreidas
    Laszlo Carreidas
    22 小时 前

    Why are you driving in Hungary, which is obivious anti-LGBTQ country?

  7. Cesar Ju
    Cesar Ju
    22 小时 前

    Deixa o cara a onde ele tá, não fica forçando ele ir pra Mercedes

  8. Debabrata Sharma
    Debabrata Sharma
    22 小时 前

    Fia:Ban them

  9. Thats-Norbi
    22 小时 前

    Alonso=buffon hahah legends never dies🙌

  10. Punctured Ball
    Punctured Ball
    22 小时 前

    this should be submersibles the stewards today

  11. Andreas Jhon
    Andreas Jhon
    22 小时 前

    Max is such an arrogant... And he pays the price....

  12. Sub Zero
    Sub Zero
    22 小时 前

    The evolution of F1 : Getting closer to *Wipeout* ''cars''.

  13. sueco13 sueco13
    sueco13 sueco13
    22 小时 前

    Can f1 make a second and third season of vertappen "mistakes" hitting cars?they have plenty to choose.

  14. WillyAlbo
    22 小时 前

    widow > red bull

  15. Gajdx
    22 小时 前

    Hamilton 2014... Also to McLaren...

  16. Harsh Kumar
    Harsh Kumar
    22 小时 前

    Still I Fall🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. Bodo Koehler
    Bodo Koehler
    22 小时 前

    Verstappen laut Marko der beste Fahrer von allen.Marko Besuch mal einen Augenarzt. 🙈🙈🙈

  18. Erkan Kahraman
    Erkan Kahraman
    22 小时 前

    2:14 the "slow button on" guy.

  19. WassapDude94
    22 小时 前

    These onboards are so wide that they look like F3 cars lol

  20. lala kumar
    lala kumar
    22 小时 前

    Nairan p 14

  21. Lee O’Connor
    Lee O’Connor
    22 小时 前

    When Mercedes liked bottas

  22. Jakob
    22 小时 前

    Lewis got the fault in silverstone in a very comparable situation

  23. DiamondMasterXD
    22 小时 前

    I'm honestly surprised that F1's official channel did this video. I don't see many other channels do this type of video.

  24. Chris Parry
    Chris Parry
    22 小时 前

    Mercedes rest there case!! 😂😂

  25. Sam Moffat
    Sam Moffat
    22 小时 前

    They should update this for 2021

  26. Ferenc Hegyi
    Ferenc Hegyi
    23 小时 前

    Amazing. ❤️

  27. Deplittle
    23 小时 前

    i dont watch f1 but that commentary made my day

  28. Doc Greezy
    Doc Greezy
    23 小时 前

    .. he needed a white board lol

  29. Nino Klina
    Nino Klina
    23 小时 前

    What everyone think they want: Verstappen win, Hamilton out What everyone's Heart want: Verstappen, Hamilton out, Leclerc win

  30. AST
    23 小时 前

    Ah yes my favourite driver: Da Neil ricky ardo

  31. Luke Hermes
    Luke Hermes
    23 小时 前

    Hungary ’Yuki, Order 66’

  32. NowNoon
    23 小时 前

    All Black was such a beast, levels above the rest in 2020. A newcomer still learning about the car *during* the race, could do that well? An absolutely incredible engineering masterpiece 👌

  33. Luke Hermes
    Luke Hermes
    23 小时 前

    Hungary ’Yuki, Order 66’

  34. Nhật Quang Đỗ Phú
    Nhật Quang Đỗ Phú
    23 小时 前

    Background music??

  35. kartinmarl .7
    kartinmarl .7
    23 小时 前

    Bet you he railed the life out of her lol

  36. - Lorentzen
    - Lorentzen
    23 小时 前

    Imagine sleeping this much for this kind of payment as a Red Bull mechanical. Pathetic

  37. Dead_fish_follow_the_stream
    23 小时 前

    68 secs ahead of p2 And the haters question his greatness

  38. Gruckus
    23 小时 前

    This is a LEGENDARY video, or it definitely will be 20 or 30 years.

  39. Clerk Thrown
    Clerk Thrown
    23 小时 前

    I am really glad and happy that Russell and the Williams have improved so much to the point where getting into Q2 at least with one driver has become normal and the make me remember how hard I work even when I am loosing money because the keep trying and the never believed on failure 😎🏎️

  40. Shree 78
    Shree 78
    23 小时 前

    Kimi’s tyres don’t need heat, the heat needs his tyres.

  41. IBimsJuli _
    IBimsJuli _
    23 小时 前

    Just dont forget that max was still a rookie in most of the clips there and new in F1 and there are no really current clips. Hamilton has a lot of experience and he should have know that...

  42. JC Denton
    JC Denton
    23 小时 前

    1. Checo 2. Seb 3. Gasly As it should be

  43. Hello fellow comrade my name is Vitaliy
    Hello fellow comrade my name is Vitaliy
    23 小时 前

    guess whos back. back again

  44. Erik Endreson
    Erik Endreson
    23 小时 前

    Why both of them use different kind of tyres??🤔 Lewis with rough tyres and Botas with the shinning 🤔

  45. Leviathan
    23 小时 前

    all i hear or see if brits cheering very sad day for motor sport.

  46. Farris Duwayri
    Farris Duwayri
    23 小时 前

    Every time Kvyat leaves F1 Max wins. Alpha Tauri should just keep hiring and dropping him for Max

  47. The wild one
    The wild one
    23 小时 前

    Mika Häkkinen was truly the greatest F1 driver of all time!!! Michael Schumacher was the 2nd best! I always watched the F1 races, when those 2 drove, because they made the race exciting and made an example of how it's really done. I stopped watching F1 after Mika Häkkinen left. It just wasn't the same after that. I even had a blue Mika Häkkinen t-shirt. But I unfortunately don't have it anymore. And I'm also from Finland, so that made Mika Häkkinen even more special. 🏎🇫🇮

  48. Henrique MAchado
    Henrique MAchado
    23 小时 前

    top 10 rocket league highlights

  49. Luis Vargas
    Luis Vargas
    23 小时 前

    Michael me enseñó que a pesar de las adversidades... NUNCA HAY QUE DEJAR DE LUCHAR!

    23 小时 前

    7:25 all the time you have to leave a space

  51. John Andrew Tañedo
    John Andrew Tañedo
    23 小时 前

    come on, when lewis is involve in an accident many people criticising him, but there are many times that other drivers suffered like max did but no one cares, this people want lewis to lose. just sayin

  52. Rafael Ambrosini
    Rafael Ambrosini
    23 小时 前

    If George is hired by Mercedes at some year, that year I will support George and Mercedes

  53. Rene Peconka
    Rene Peconka
    23 小时 前

    I hate him from my whole heart

  54. Deivis Perez Martinez
    Deivis Perez Martinez
    23 小时 前

    Juan Pablo MONTOYA a bordo. 💪🏼🤩

  55. hernan vega
    hernan vega
    23 小时 前

    it is wonderful

  56. Mr Bear
    Mr Bear
    23 小时 前


  57. Agung Wicaksono
    Agung Wicaksono
    23 小时 前

    Ada manor racing tu

  58. theClassicsaddict
    23 小时 前

    5:43 if he was faster hit could have ended like in 2004

  59. Harsh
    23 小时 前

    Neither of the F2 and F3 drivers did even their own best sector times :P

  60. mathews mulenamaswe
    mathews mulenamaswe
    23 小时 前

    Hybrid errors. .. sad for Hamilton 😕😕

  61. Morrich
    23 小时 前

    I am not a Fan of Hamilton or Verstappen. Look objective on the Situation and you can see, that Verstappen has got so much Place at the left side of the Curve. Ok, Hamilton maybe could drive a little bit more on the right but Verstappen goes inside the Curve an Hamilton could not react fast enough. This is how i see this Situation. A normal Race Accident in my Opinion.

  62. Rc Cr
    Rc Cr
    23 小时 前

    Luckmilton just shut up

  63. Lucky Hunter
    Lucky Hunter
    天 前

    Hills fault , 1997 was More cheating

  64. Mauro Leal
    Mauro Leal
    天 前

    Remiutu, o rei do totó na F1

  65. Kagan Kaymaz
    Kagan Kaymaz
    天 前

    Why no Turkish version !!

  66. Luca Marsiglia
    Luca Marsiglia
    天 前

    Max in this LIST now LOOL no space and crush with Lewis

  67. Marko Gelic
    Marko Gelic
    天 前

    Lewis spectacular, Daniel is happy battle Ferrari and Mclaren. Incredible race

  68. G C
    G C
    天 前

    IT'S CRAZY HOW SAFE THESE VEHICLES ARE. Excuse the caps lock, too lazy to retype the comment

  69. h kremer
    h kremer
    天 前

    It wasn't really sainz fault Grosjean just had a bit oversteer at entering the corner.

  70. Jack Mulock
    Jack Mulock
    天 前

    Seeing Ocon stand next to Alonso is strange. it made me look up how tall he was, and he's only 5'7

  71. Marko Gelic
    Marko Gelic
    天 前

    Hamilton 10 seconds penality

  72. [GD] Sloth
    [GD] Sloth
    天 前

    Put coconut mall over this its gonna be funny

  73. Jerome Fernandez
    Jerome Fernandez
    天 前

    The thumbnail honestly looks like Estaban is about to FOK SMASH Alonso to the ground!

  74. Robert Lowe
    Robert Lowe
    天 前

    i remember both Jackie Stewart and Ayrton Senna in an interview Jackie said you are the only driver that had more comings together in races, Ayrton replied if there is a gap I will take it ( you should know that ,if you do not THEN YOU ARE NO LONGER A DRIVER ) at this point I recorded this very same race Lewis was not the only driver that race day others did same .if I am right sure my vid does not lie. I leave this in mind with my own thoughts anyone who climbs into one of these motors on the day ,you are all world champions to me very brave. thing to do.bless you all lads.

  75. Maks368
    天 前

    They waited all year until Max and Lewis collide to post this

  76. Max- Packages
    Max- Packages
    天 前


  77. Miguel A A
    Miguel A A
    天 前

    Music to my ears

  78. Faheem Tahir
    Faheem Tahir
    天 前

    Jolyon Palmer has no credible right to speak of F1, and especially on crashes…which he mastered in F1